the Eyes of Frida Kahlo







a photographic ode by

Bert Loewenherz










„A fascinating photographic project

that goes directly under the skin.“

„As if Frida was still alive.

These photographs irritate, bewitch

and fascinate at the same time“


„Marian spirit and goddess of war …

Frida`s essence in one photograph.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!“


„A congenial artwork about a legendary artist“

„Hypnotic, touching and creative.

A superb homage to Frida Kahlo“


„This is probably one of the most fascinating

art projects I have ever seen“


behind the scenes

Making of … the Eyes of Frida Kahlo

After several months of preparation and the search for a congenial actress to portray Frida, photographer Bert Loewenherz finally found that model in the personage of Turkish-German actress, Idil Uener. The camera provides a peek behind the curtains to observe the exciting process involved in composing these portraits, and the minute psychological interactions between photographer and model during the three days of the final shoot.














GoSeeAWARDS 2015 – ART

Selected by a highly renowned jury of art consultants, creative directors and fashion editors Bert Loewenherz got Merits for his fine art project „The Eyes of Frida Kahlo“.

Bert Loewenherz – Interview about his work on Frida Kahlo

The photographer speaks about his personal inspiration for this project, why the search for the perfect model was so difficult and why for him, Frida Kahlo is a Shaman of the Arts.







„It was a big challenge for all of us to pay tribute to Frida’s powerful work, and to find ways to transform her painted inner reality and visual codes into a photographic reality“

Bert Loewenherz









the project on the selfportraits of Frida Kahlo was realized in the autumn of 2010 with a team of 8 people and the support of numerous other persons. It was a big challenge for all of us to pay tribute to Frida’s powerful work, and to find ways to transform her painted inner reality and visual codes into a photographic reality.


after several weeks of research on Fridas work I began to look out for a team of hair & makeup artists, stylists and assistants and was fortunate enough to discover Turkish actress Idil Üner as the perfect model for the project. Ten years earlier she already auditioned for the feature role in the Frida movie directed by Julie Taymor. A periode of intense preparation began … location scouting … garments and jewelry had to be inspected … backdrops had to be painted … Fridas makeup, eyebrows and exotic hairstyles were discussed … cats, parrots and a monkey had to be found … an iron cot, a wheelchair, gynaecological instruments from the 1920s and many other things had to be made available… Two months later the project had matured and we were ready to start shooting.


the costume design proved a daunting challenge, as Frida concealed her deeply wounded body and soul behind brightly colored garments, traditional Mexican robes and a unique ethnic mix of styles. We felt inspired by this unconventional trait and combined Mexican, Indian, Greek and Nepalese costumes and accessories with Chinese and Japanese elements originally from the 1920s.


the final shootings were realized in October 2010 during 3 days on 3 different locations in the City of Berlin. It was an intense and unique experience for all members of the team and „ The Eyes of Frida Kahlo “ was indelibly etched into our hearts.





„Bert Loewenherz is one of the most creative and serious photographers of his generation.
His pictures always convey the soulful participation and  the personality
of the person involved; and his extraordinary sense of beauty and form
installs each frame with the sense of sheer delight.“
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